TransLink (SEQ Australia) Interactive Transit Network Simulator

This map is a simulation based on the timetables published by TransLink (Department of Transport and Main Roads Division).

Vehicles and stops are interactive, list departures from a specific stop right now (obtained via the OPIA API), Want to see what route a vehicle is taking? Click and follow its movement, and see what stops are visited next.

Currently a working system exists only as a proof of concept and not exposed to the public. The simulation engine is written in pure PHP with focus on scalability, using CakePHP Framework, and CakeResque to manage jobs and process in parallel and across servers if required.

A short demonstration video of the working prototype is available on Youtube. designed, developed by Jared Bowles © 2013.

  1. Timetable, Route and Stop data sourced from TransLink Transit Authority.
  2. Additional Train Station data sourced from Queensland rail.
  3. Disability information sourced from Brisbane City Council.
Best efforts are taken to ensure timetable accuracy, but no guarantees are made. is not affiliated at all with TransLink or the Brisbane City Council.